Circus Game – Lupa

Circus Game is the debut single from electro-rock band ‘Lupa’, a pounding rock-drum n bass powerhouse combining powerful guitars, raw drum and bass beats, massivesynth drops and killer female vocals. Circus Game is a reaction to the state of the world we live in and those who control it, seeing through the veil and without fear calling things as they are. Accompanied by a stunning video produced with MOBO Award winners Oliver Brian Productions, this track was originally recorded at the world famous Abbey Road Studios in London before being re-incarnated at The Foundry Studio in Sheffield.



Nightmare – LUPA

Nightmare is about fighting back, an unexpected and unassailable retaliation against turning the other cheek, not this time. In a world where silence and restraint are mistaken for weakness, sometimes fire needs to be fought with fire. Nightmare is the snap of the synapse unleashing the beast within, you’ve been pushed too far this time and the sleeping giant is awake and has taken control, and you’re loving every minute of it.


Until The Day – LUPA

‘Until The Day rushes through on an intoxicating buzz of electronic weaved rock. Flickering synths dazzle with seizure inducing flashes through rapid tightly knit drum beats and exhilarating guitar strides. This track travels at an intense adrenaline rushing speed as the compact rich backdrop thunders forward relentlessly building its sound becoming more heavy for the chorus. The meaty whack of the drum and bass lifts this track into a mosh pit ready banger while frontwoman Livvy M’s powerful vocals command and drive the catchy sweet melody. There is a lot going on in this song with intricate guitar melodies entwining a blazing rhythmic and electronic foundation yet Lupa blend these component parts seamlessly creating a dramatic, elated listening experience


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