Sing to Win! Lupa Circus Game Candelight COVER CONTEST!

Lupa, energetic DnB-Rock fusion group, officially launch their well-anticipated COVER CONTEST. 

Contest entrees will be in with a chance to win an industry leading SHURE microphone and stand, along with a personal PA system that sets budding artists up with everything they need to perform live, pronto!

As fierce defenders of their own destiny, Lupa fully support local and global aspiring musicians and encourage them to be their own best advocates when it comes to promoting themselves. Not only will this contest get your talents in front of industry professionals, but it will give you some insight into how the digital world can help you to be proactive when it comes to promotion! 

The Judges!

Covers will be judged with scoring across against 4 categories which are talent, creativity, promotion, and performance. The cover with the highest score wins! Keep reading for some handy tips and hints on how up your score for each area!

Our judges are as follows: 

Hunnypot Unlimited
We are over the moon to be able to announce Hunnypot Unlimited as one of the judges, Hunnypot are Lupa’s syncronisation label and were responsible for Lupa’s placement on HBO’s Lethal Weapon TV series earlier this year.

Based in Los Angeles, USA, Hunnypot unlimited is a multifaceted music publishing, artist representation, marketing and film & television placement organization specializing in discovering and cultivating fresh music talent. The ‘Hunnypot Unlimited’ brand is synonymous with quality music and recognized as one of the premier industry tastemaker sources.

Sam Craggs
Sam is a Songwriter, Producer and Engineer and co-owner of the Foundry Studios in Sheffield where LUPA record their live-instrument tracking. Sam is also a regular live performer, playing drums and percussion for the internationally successful “Classic Ibiza” live band. Most recently, Sam has toured Europe as assistant Tour Manager and Engineer for indie band ‘Bang Bang Romeo’ as they supported the legendary P!nk on the “Beautiful Trauma” tour.

Luke Filsell
While primarily a Producer and Mixing Engineer, Luke is probably best described as Lupa’s fifth member, co-producing Lupa’s tracks with Lupa’s own Timothy Jack among a wide range of other things. Luke remains as close to the band as ever, having already begun work on Lupa’s next album due late summer 2020! Luke is also a composer, having many of his compositions placed on Sky Sports, BBC One and too many others to mention

Contest Instructions!

1 – Simply – download this backing track or head on over to our Youtube channel and load up our ‘Circus Game’ Lyrics video (below).

You can also download the lyrics and chords here.

2 – Create your cover. This can be live or tracked. Use your creativity and your unique flare! 

3 – Upload to Youtube and post across as many social channels as possible! Tag Lupa and use the hashtag #circusgame 




Remember – we won’t be able to see your entry unless you have tagged us in at least one of these social platforms! 🙂

THATS IT! The deadline is the 31st of January. The winner will be announced within the first week of February! 

The Scoring Categories – Tips

Where it all starts – or least where it all should start! Our judges will pick their favourites in this category based on your ability not only to perform, but also to engage with your audience.

How much have you made the song “your own”? We really want to encourage you to play with this cover and mix it up in your own style, you won’t be marked down for using the backing provided but we are looking for you to show your own identity as an artist.

Again, in your own unique style we would love to see some performance in your cover, get into it and show us a bit of passion and energy. But we can’t say this enough, we really want to see your own personality shine through.

It’s just a fact of today’s music industry that promotion and exposure are as important as talent and good songs. So, scream about your cover on all your socials and anywhere you can, we are not necessarily looking at “number of likes” but more so, the effort you put into pushing your performance.

Please always remember to tag @Lupaband and use the hashtag #circusgame with all your submissions so we know it’s you!

Our Judges will pick their top three for each of the Talent, Creativity and Performance while effort put into the promotion making up the final mark and the person with the best overall score will win the competition! It’s as simple as that!

And Finally, the SMALL Print

1 – Please do not include any profanities in your video and/or description 

2 – We will accept global and local entries, however it will take us longer to ship the prize to a global winner (outside of the UK)

3 – You must credit Lupa as mentioned with a tag in your social posts or your entree will be disqualified 

4 – We will not be able to provide individual feedback due to time constraints 

5 – Should any scores be tied, the winner will be voted by the judges.


Good Luck!! And here’s the original!